Music- College Application Essay
My mother started me on the piano at an early age. As every young child does, I didn’t practice very much because I felt like it was a punishment. I wasn’t able to fully understand what music can bring to your life. When I began school, I decided to switch to an instrument I thought was more interesting— the viola. It was a great feeling to be able to play real songs and create my own music. In middle school, everyone was given the opportunity to do something in the arts. Since I was starting to love music and wanted to develop it more fully, I decided to learn the flute and join the band. About a year later, I was asked to accompany a local music program that my little brother was in. For about six months, I practiced and performed with these little kids. It helped me to see the value of starting someone on an instrument at such a young age. Sad to say I wasn’t able to continue playing in band my senior year because of class requirements. Because of my passion for music, I still continue to take flute lessons and play at other events.