Descriptive Essay
Have you ever met someone who loves life and lives it by the moment? My beautiful cousin Taylor is one of those people. No matter what has happened in her life, she always has a smile. Physically, she has no challenges, being tall, skinny, and blonde. She knows what clothes look good on her specific body type and how to match different items. With or without makeup, she is able to pull off that natural look while at the same time her face glows with inner beauty.
Her family life on the other hand is not so easy. Being the oldest, her parents are very protective of her. Every decision she makes has to have the stamp of approval by her parents. The Internet is a very scary place full of pornography and creepy people. Taylor is only allowed on certain sites and has to tell her parents each time she gets on the computer. She tends to miss out on popular video clips or pictures because she is not allowed on those cites. She always manages to find a way around that and doesn’t let it bother her too much. She fights all the time with her mother about curfew and places she can go, but what teenager doesn’t. What is different is how she takes it in. She doesn’t let those fights affect her. She listens and obeys, then moves on.
When you are around her, you can’t help but be happy. She creates a mood in the room and wants everyone to join her. She loves including everyone she can and to make life a party. Every moment is something new and exciting for her. Fear of what other people think of her doesn’t cause her worry. If she wants to run around the parking lot playing tag, she will. One her favorite things to do, is walk around a store saying hi to complete strangers. She brushes off most of the looks she gets and enjoys the smiles. She makes the best of what she has and lives life to the fullest.