Blood red drops falling
The Sun breaking in the sky
And the Earth is cleansed.

The Recital
Hands flying
Notes singing
Tap toes
Silky black
Sliding Ivory
Pound, pound
Changing sound
Low notes come
Rhythm running
to the
Last note

Flash Fiction-
The Island
I can't believe they turned against me. Everything was fine until last night. The meeting started out just as I had anticipated. Animals were getting scarce in our area and we needed new places to hunt. Too many of the men were freezing to death. We needed more animal skins along with filling food to eat. I wanted to lead a group to the south side of the Island. One man had already tried and failed, dying in the process. I was smarter though. He was just one man, but I would form a group to protect each other. Some might die, but it would be worth it in the end. No one was brave enough to agree with me. The men had started to get so depressed that dying sounded like the perfect solution. They will come eventually though. One by one each will realize that I am right. Only instinct can save them now. Look there are some now, they look hungry. Hungry enough to risk it all.
"Hey guys. What are you doing?"
Pain enveloped me and I saw blood dripping down my chest.

Dedication Poem-
To My Mother
For telling me
I could do
For comforting me
didn't work out.
For teaching me
to cook and clean.
For also teaching me
to think for
For teaching me
to become a leader
of my own home.
For loving me
every minute.

No one knows the truth of me.
Lies spread and burn like fire.
They want to come out and be free
reaching new heights, higher and higher.
What is a lie in its true form?
Can it really be seen or heard?
Right or wrong it can't conform.
It mostly comes from big lips poured.
The truth though can save us all.
True freedom ringing out.
Even though we may fall.
Speaking truth will bring no doubt.
So when thinking of the truth of me,
Think of the truth of what you see.