Natalie Reese
Bio Info: Natalie Michelle Reese
Nicknames: Nattie Michelle, Nat, Natabelle
My Family: Robert and Suzanne, Jennifer (Husband Mike and Son Ethan), Daniel, Whitney, Me, and Brandon
Birthday: March 10, 1992
Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: Flute, Reading, and Swimming
Personality/Character: Kind, Mature, and Social

Ten Favorites:
Food- Swedish Pancakes, Milk, Waffles, Cookies
Movie- Wolverine, Pride and Prejudice, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
Book- Inkheart
Color- Green
Activity- Playing games
Band- Daughtry
Sport- Swimming
Movie Stars- Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds
School Subject- Math
Phrase- Huh? What? (To confuse people

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